Introduction - new member

Introduction - new member

Lost 5 stone and 6lbs between January 2015 and April 2016 with Slimming World. Started running (C25K) in April 2016. Ran first ParkRun in August 2016, now a regular runner or volunteer for ParkRun Norwich. Other interests: my dog and long walks together, being a Guide Dog boarder, going to the gym, days out exploring beautiful National Trust homes and beauty spots.

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  • Welcome to the group!

  • Hi..welcome....what are your goals now?🙂

  • I wish to lose 8lbs

  • Okay.... are you on the Weight Loss forum too...? A lot of folk on the from here at C25K are on that one as well and find it amazing.

    C25K isn't specifically for weight- loss as you know, some folk lose weight others don't..I put a bit on, which was good for me! :)

    Just generally tones and tightens us... if we are lucky .. ask Irish-John :)

  • I'll have a look at the weight loss group - I don't want to lose any more though as I'm afraid of looking gaunt but happy for any advice I can get for staying at my target weight (reached in April).

  • To maintain my weight loss forever and to keep active and enjoying my life. In terms of changing my life, I'd like interesting part time employment and to be more organised at home.

  • Hi! I am sure you will find this forum supportive, informative and hugely inspirational! We are all at different stages on our running journey but share the same roots in C25K! Such a great programme☺!

  • Welcome to the group! As a newbie to the group myself (although I'm still in the early stages of c25k, so a long way short of where you are running-wise) I'm finding it a massive help posting here and reading others' posts.

  • Welcome - always nice to hear from another C25K success story!

  • Welcome welcome welcome as my old radio pal Nicholas Parsons says :) I am one who has not lost "weight" as such but certainly look a hell of a lot fitter and toned. It's nice, very nice indeed but what is far nicer is the enjoyment and new sense of self confidence I now have from being a Runner :) I hope you find all that also :)

  • Morning Irish John I reckon I'm a bit older than you and probably heavier at 13 13 so how have you achieved your weight loss?

  • Honestly I really did not set out to lose weight. I gave up trying that yonks ago, could never stick to a diet or "healthy eating" Walking was the only exercise I did-3 or 4 miles 5 or so times a week but it was not doing much except boring me to death.

    I started the programme out of sheer boredom and curiosity. What with exercise induced asthma, bilateral almost club foot and about 50 pounds overweight and literally never having run more than maybe a hundred steps in my life I honestly thought I would take months to get to W3.....and that would be the limit for me.

    You just trust the programme, run slow, honour the Rest days and you make it....but very few do it in nine weeks with five K :)

    The weight loss came as a side event. I did not consciously change my eating habits, it was more a case I became less attracted to junk food. I feel so much better physically and mentally I just don't have time for that particular foolishness any more when it comes to eating crap :)

  • Wow, well done that's amazing.

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