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iphone app problem


I am using the couch to 5K app on my iphone and whilst the program runs to the end in my headphones, it does not count down and therefore show as complete and I cannot move on to the next run. Anyone know what I can do about this? (Not sure I explained this properly or whether this is an iphone or app issue.)

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I had the same problem early on - something to do with being out of signal range I believe.

My solution was to download the podcasts and use them instead. I downloaded all 9 weeks worth at the same time but if that takes up too much phone memory, then download as you need them and delete the weeks you've completed.


I agree with MrsLis above. Download all podcasts and then you will always have access to them. Some runners use the early ones for interval trying after graduation, but stepping up a gear.


Yes I got stuck with that and just started the app again and let it play whilst I was having a shower then breakfast! I wasn't cheating and you wouldn't be either because you did the run! After this experience I switched to podcasts with Laura which I found more reliable and just kept a log.

Thanks for the advice. I have switched to the podcasts, but do miss Jo Whiley, who sounds much more motivational than Laura. Need all the support I can get now I have hit week 5! Actually, never thought I would enjoy running so much.

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