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Wake up world ☀️

Have just got back from my morning run. Took a lot of convincing myself this morning. It was wet, I was tired, I haven't run since Sunday, had a Chinese last night and can still feel it ( serves me right!) but I decided there were reasons to run, not excuses not to!

I decided to tackle my very first public run ( i.e. Running on streets not up lanes and round fields). I was a little self conscious st first, but guess one appeared to bat an eyelid!

I ran the furthest I've run in 30 mins (3.64km) and I feel great!

Hope you all have a lovely day, great run or fabulous rest day☺️

Happy Thursday everyone 😘

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Morning ☺ Always do your scheduled runs. It's so much less tiresome than the mental tennis that ensues if not 😊

Yeah, no-one notices us. Crack on and have fun ☺


I've found the dogs are the only creatures who really seem to see us when running. Suits me 😀😀

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Good for you for getting out there and running on the streets and it sounds like you had fun too! 😃😃

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I felt (and still feel) mega self conscious about running in public. I think I'm getting over it a bit but then I haven't seen anyone I actually know yet! I go out at 6am partly to avoid people and partly because it's the only time I can fit it in. But you're right, no-one is bothered and most other runners seem friendly creatures ;)


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