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W8R1: almost 5K'ed by accident :)

I was planning to have this run tomorrow, quiet run in the woods. However due to my schedule tomorrow, I've realised that it won't happen and the only way to do it is to do it now. That means another treadmill run at home. My treadmill runs are usually slower and shorter than outside ones, and I find them much more taxing on my legs. It is probably the pace/terrain variation of outside run that suits me better.

So started this run as any other, slow and steady. Before you know it I have reached 20 minutes. Then something weird happened: at this point I usually run out of breath or my legs starting to ache. But this time there was this new feeling of exhaustion where I felt some kind of weakness, like I don't have any strength left in my body. Only then I have realised that the pace I set was .5 mph higher then my normal, steady pace. No idea how I got it wrong. Slowed down a bit and barely managed to finish 28 minutes. To my surprise, it was the furthest distance yet (almost 4.7K), together with walking part though.

Completely exhausted, my hands are shaking, the room is spinning, but it was my best and proudest yet! I'll give it 2 days rest this time most probably, before moving on.

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Yeah you, exactly same distance as me. Well done go you

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Haha. Accidental distance running. Love that!

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