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Week 2,R3 - bouncebackability!!!

Well,Run 3 happened today - and in testing conditions in the rain and the wind getting slightly stronger (still is outside!) At 3pm,during the school run,so avoided that area and went back to a combo of my Week 1 run and start of this week's runs - worked a treat,mix of steep hills and avoiding puddles but this time I noticed:

NO mid run struggles!

NO stitch issues!

MyiPod telling me that,per km,this was my best workout! Made up the 43 secs of lost time from Monday too so a small fist pump and a smile on the warm down :) For the first run in proper wet weather,I did good,I think! :)

Heard the term "bouncebackability" being used by a football manager once and today I have it! I'm going to do that extra run over the weekend before progressing to Week 3 as you lovely guys that commented after run 2 on Monday and how I felt as I think this would make sense - you picked me up when I needed it and can't thank you all enough! I've had some difficult times in other areas of my life recently,as I'm sure we all do at stages in our lives,so I hope that C25K is helping you as it is helping me :)

Onwards and upwards - from the lows to the highs and I have definitely bounced back!


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Well done. Your determination is inspiring. Good luck with the next steps on the journey


Great post Mark. 😄


Well done. I love that word - bouncebackability!


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