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W7 R3 completed, but only just 😒

Why was this run so difficult this morning? This is now the 4th 25 mins of running and it was even harder than w6 r3! N I did push through but was ready to give in other than I wanted to prove to myself that I CAN run 25 mins non stop and that the other runs weren't a fluke!! Not sure how I feel about 28 mins for the run on Friday morning 😛

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It could be breakfast you ate (or not), faster pace, insufficient warm-up, lack of sleep, fatigue, dehydration, humidity, temperature, your shoes, gremlins. Who cares, important thing is that you did it. And you'll nail the next one (or one after that). 😀


I felt intimidated by it, so I just slowed down to ensure I finished, you can always increase your speed for the last minute just to prove to yourself that you can do it!


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