Week 8, run 1 with a purple toe!

Bashed my toe on the bed leg this morning and it's come up in a horrendous bright purple bruise. Running shoe did not press on it so off I went this evening for wk8,r1 with my lovely running galpal.

@RobD, I made it throughR2125the 28 mins although my friend had to order me to keep going. I felt like I was about to die! And like my legs were about to drop off! She laughed at me and said they could drop off after I had done my 28 mins. How's that for support, ;)

Now for a rest until Saturday, then try to do it all over again.

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  • Don't know why that R2125 is there :( Can't get it to delete.

  • Ouch! Hope you haven't broken anything! Damn beds always manage to get in the way.

    Well done for completing the run - shows true grit!

  • Thanks :) . It is less swollen this morning so I think it's ok. My initial thought was that I might have broken it but it looks like it's just severely bashed. I have had words with the bed leg, lol.

  • Ouch... I did the same on a chair leg...on hols in France.... I broke my little toe though.. funny shape now, but fine ! Well done you... well done toe :)

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