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Getting There :-)

Finished Run 3 of week 4 earlier this evening. Never thought I could do it. Don't know what week 5 will bring and actually don't want to know until Thursday comes. I've done the same every other week - think if I knew what was coming I'd feel I couldn't do it without giving it a try - a bit like reading the end of a book straight after finishing Chapter 1 (if this makes sense?). Am also finding that by the 3rd run of the week I'm humming along to the inspirational songs accompanying the podcast. No wonder I'm getting strange looks from passers by lol

Feel Great though and I just don't care :-)

Onwards and upwards


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I did the same I never looked ahead just took it as it came. Believe in the plan. Good luck.

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And me , I just went for it run by run . SOunds like you are doing well . Enjoy :-)

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