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Smiles are back - Week 4 Run 1

If you are following my posts you will remember that my last run I absolutely despised and I could not get in the right frame of mind at all! Which is why today I am so happy to say that I enjoyed my run once again.

I was worried that I would give up after my last run, and was in two minds whether to repeat week 3 or move onto week 4. I'm relieved that I chose week 4, because it turns out I can do it and all that was stopping me was myself. My joy of thinking of nothing else for half an hour has returned and a clear mind is just a wonderful feeling.

The first half of the run was great, I felt in a good rhythm, my pace and breathing was good. The second half was more of a challenge but I had paced myself well enough, and my breathing only slightly got out of control. Honestly, counting my breaths in and out really works for me.

Only slight negative was I am started to feel a slightly twinge in my left knee towards the end. Also it was like Laura was reading my mind at some point when I thought "hmmm I might have a stitch coming on", but thankfully wasn't a "full on" one.

But finishing a run with a smile on my face was something which I did not expect at all!

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Hooray - feels great doesn't it!


Well done that's fantastic! A question .... How many breaths do you breathe in and out for? I need a breathing plan!


I breathe in for 3 steps and out for 2 - I read somewhere ages ago that breathing in for longer than out helps all the ab muscles support everything (or something!), and breathing over an odd number of steps means that the stresses are evenly spread rather than spa,ways being on the same side (or something!). It all made sense at the time, so I tried it and now it's just how I do it! Try experimenting a bit and seeing what works for you. :)


Thanks! I will give this a try!

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