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Wish today counted as W1R2 !!

WISH that Today, did count for W1R2 !!

After completing W1R1 with little problems,

I have been UNABLE to complete W1R2 !!

Easily passed the "Minimum" of 15min activity in day !!

>>>NOT ENOUGH Cardio, Breath, OR RUN !! <<<

*************** Totals ************************

***Day's aprox Totals ((of 7hr >> Noon-7pm))***

>>>Total Time: aprox 1.5hrs<<<

>Ran HARD for 90s;

>Walked at FAST Speed-Walk pace for near 3min;

>Walked at REASONABLE pace for near 90min;

>Did OVER 12 flights of Stairs.

>>Aprox: 5min of High-Cardio<<

**!! for FULL Day !!**

************ Schedule ****************************

**Just after 12noon**

>>did the stairs down to the street;

>>walked (reasonably) about 3min to 1st appointment

>>walked (reasonably) about 5min to Coffee place.

>>Forgot something, and had to go back home !!


** Then the "FUN" Began !! **

>>SPEED-WALKED back home

(Better than 15km/hr for 3min) -- !! 3 WHOLE MINUTES !!

>>RAN up the Stairs (to home);

>>RAN DOWN the Stairs (to street)

>>Started Speed Walking; then Started to Run;

>>Was close to keeping up to a Bicyclist, so ran FASTER !!

>>Was KEEPING PACE with the Cyclist

!!**!!**!! LASTED NEAR 90s, then had to stop as Totally EXHAUSTED!! **!!**


>>Walked rest of way to Coffee Place;

>>Stayed there about **!!**30mins**!!**


>>Then walked near Hour to Place where had 2nd appointment;

>>Later walked near 5mins;

>>A few "Non-Motion" events, and got back to same Coffee Place

>>Walked rest of way home.


>>>Total Time: aprox 1.5hrs<<<

Rest of day ??!!??

Sitting; Lunch; Coffee; Shopping; Supper

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Sounds like a really active day! Don't forget that the programme is to an extent self adminstered, so if YOU want to designate that as W1R2 then do so. The programme is designed to help you get fit and achieve 30min of continuous running. It seems to me that the exercise you have done is a step towards that goal. Try the next run proper and see how easy it is. You might find you need to do it again anyway. Let us know how you get on.


Sounds very civilised to me! It counts, I'm sure it counts! :)

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I reckon that counts as a success!

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Thanks for all the votes of "Success" !!

As I am MAINLY doing the program

to be able to run OVER 5min,

this REALLY does NOT Count !!

BTW - Now: at 3rd day after, and Counting !!

>>Even IF I DID manage A 90s SPRINT,

Then was COMPLETELY Exhausted !!

(Better than Nothing, but not by much !!)


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