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W7R1 boxed off

I ran in the park with my daughter today, while our youngest and my sister ran in the woods and our oldest wasn't well enough to run today but seems so fit that I don't think missing today's run will matter.

I was really having to urge on our daughter today, which I was surprised about as it we had already run for 25 minutes doing W6R3 on Friday and she had amazed me by sprinting past me and running fast for the last minute on Friday.

I was so focussed on her that I didn't really think much about how I was finding the run, but I was able to talk to her the whole time so I obviously wasn't out of breath even after 25 minutes, my legs just felt a bit tired towards the end.

She wanted me to tell her when there were 30 seconds to go and she took off sprinting again and I couldn't catch her- I wish she would remember that when she is faltering during the run!

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Well done! I can't ever speak to anyone when running! That's children all over isn't it?! I don't think their idea of struggling is the same as ours!

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I keep pointing out that she seems to have so much 'left in the bank' at the very end that she must have more stamina and energy than she thinks she has for the first 24 minutes, but that doesn't seem to help!

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