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What C25k has done to me!


I graduated C25k about 2 years ago - since then I have run in 3x 10K "races" and 2xHM's. I now run 5 days per week - 3 of them are by myself and I follow a Jack Daniels training plan on those days and push myself according to his plan's requirements - on the other two days Saturday and Sunday, I do "social" running at my local parkrun and local running club. This past Saturday I chose to accompany a lady runner who has some 'anxiety issues" - I think that my presence and support of her as we ran was good for her and she appreciated it (35 mins for the 5K) . On Sunday, I at age 70, and 3 others at ages 74, 69 and 83 ran 6.5Klms together - stopping and starting at times as we had to cross roads, wait for pedestrian lights and conquer hills :) - we chatted to one another about everything at an average overall pace of 8:30 mins per k - a slow run but still hard work which took us almost an hour to finish (followed by a convivial healthy breakfast at a local cafe with all the faster younger runners)

I am so happy that I got off the couch 3 years ago. My whole life has changed for the better.

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Amazing bazza, you have worked so hard.. once you get that feel good fit and healthy buzz there is nothing better..makes life so much brighter.. :)


You are an inspiration Bazza. I'm sure that I speak for the whole community when I say that. I only hope that I have your conviction at 69. (I've tried Jack Daniel's plan but I get a headache😉)

Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Jonny1

Friend of mine gets an earache when he drinks red wine!!!!


You are amazing Bazza1234 ! I hope I am still running at 70, or even in 3 years time. So many people ignore the warning signs, but not the people on this forum!

Happy running😎

Love your story, Bazza! Hope I still have what it takes when I reach 70! I've only been off the couch since March, but I also must say my life has changed for the better.


Well done Bazza, isn't it amazing how quickly we become running advocates! I wouldn't be without it now, it's the best medicine out there!


Wow that's so inspirational 🌟


Go you Bazza... there is hope for us older ones! I too, bless the day i found C25K !


A great testimonial, Bazza. Thanks by the way for sharing the Polar heart training guide a while back. I switched over to it from run/walk, and it has really helped me get my motivation back.

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