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Motivation please come back!

I have been waiting to finish week 3 for roughly a week now. Typically I allow two days between each of my jogs/runs otherwise my calf muscles just can't take it. Waiting a week to finish run 3 was horrible. I had my reasons of which 90% of them were unavoidable, mainly work. Running before and after work is just not an option at the moment, with my alarm going off at 5am already and not getting home until 8pm this leaves me very little time to cook dinner as before I know it, it's time for bed.

Anyway, today I managed to finish week 3 and it was a horrible run. Typically when I run all thoughts tend to clear from my mind and its quite enjoyable having nothing else to think of for half an hour. But today, well today I think every single negative thought that could go through my mind did. Ranging from what's the point of doing this, I hate this, I'm never going to finish anyway etc. You get the idea. (Also its the first time that I have wanted to punch Laura!)

However, I determined this will not be the case, and I'm currently debating whether I should take the leap onto week four with a suck it attitude or proceed slightly more cautious with a repeat of week 3.

Fingers crossed for those care free half hour jog/runs again!

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God lord - your working hours sound horrible. Sounds like you need a different job as much as to find your mojo, you poor thing!


It's grim when everything's a struggle, I know. Be kind to yourself, accept that there are days or weeks when running would actually be an extra stress rather than a help, but don't let that become an excuse (says the expert in making excuses!)...

If you've had a break of a week between runs 2 & 3 of week 3, personally I'd be inclined to do it one more time in the next couple of days, then move on. I think particularly if you've had a tough run 3, stepping it up a notch for the next run might be a challenge too far - but only you know whether you're the kind of person who will be spurred on or knocked down by that.

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