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My first run....ever!

Well....joining Chatty paces running group was great, a friendly and supportive group of women of all shapes and sizes so I didn't feel like the biggest or the slug of the group!

They are all three weeks into the program so a bit of a jump up from week 1 that I had been expecting. But...I did it. Two miles of 3 mins running, 1 and a half minutes walking; repeated this a few times then did 5 minutes running!! My running pace was SLOW but I was running!

This morning I ache and my hip hurts a bit but planning on getting out again on my own for another 'run' after a day or two to let my muscles recover. 😀

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Well done, shelleymoo ! That's great going for your first run. Did you stretch afterwards? If not, here are the ones I always do - they make a world of difference to aches and stiffness:

Best of luck with the rest of the programme!

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Brilliant Shelley, I wondered how you'd get on and it sounds a great club. Yes, Jonesycat is right, make sure you stretch after each run. You did fab, keep it up!

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Well done - especially for jumping in at week 3!


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