Wk 6 done 🏃

Yayyy - Laura says I am officially a runner. Wk 6 completed. Not going to say it was easy - it wasn't at all. But just focused on breathing and how the time would fit. Have had to extend my route cos am going further so my warm down walk was 8 minutes instead of 5 but as I am discovering that changes every week.

To think , a few weeks ago I was worried about running for 5 minutes. 🏃 👟 ⌚

3 Replies

  • brilliant, well done!!

  • Well done, curlyann :) . You are making fab progress. I can hardly believe how long I can now run for compared to a couple of months ago. Keep it up, you're well on your way to graduation :)

  • Well done curlyann. 😊 Good idea to focus on breathing. Keep going...

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