Reality check on w8r1

I just did w8r1, I change my route pretty much every time. Today's error was to try to start on an uphill section. Well, I just couldn't make it so had to extend the warm up walk to 10 minutes. Then I had to stop a couple of times to cross roads. I 've just mapped the run at 3.5k. I was first disappointed that it wasn't closer to 5k, then I thought hang on, 2 months ago you couldn't even run 100m! So that's my reality check for today, I can't believe I've come this far!

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  • WEll done! Yes it 's amazing at we can do. Who knew ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • The ONLY Requirement

    for the First "Warm-up" walk, and the final "Cool-Down" walk,

    IS AT LEAST for the time given !!

    Doing these for longer periods of time,


  • Oh thanks, that's really encouraging dirkcb07!


    You have come a LONG way !!

    From unable to do 100m,

    to Considering 3.5k as being "NOT Enough" !!

    Besides the Distance, and Time,

    you are NOW "INTO" the Program !!

    (Good-Bye Couch)

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