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Heavy legs

I started a beginners running programme 5 weeks ago with a trainer led session once a week and runs to complete in the week. I have got up to 3 mile runs and this week was tasked with 60 minute run but I bailed out at 44 minutes 4.2 miles. I always have a two Mile gremlin that puts my breathing off and my legs feel heavier. How can I push past this mental block? If I stop for a few seconds I can then go on again!! Also in time will my legs ever feel spritely rather than heavy like a lolloping elephant?

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Five weeks is not very long to be running for 60 minutes.

Don't bail out. Try running slower! When you have slowed down but feel like you are exhausted just walk for a minute or so to get your breath back and then jog on. A run can always be saved in this way. It's a shame to pack in when you can finish the job successfully just by taking a walk break. Walk breaks are a really good idea. Take them often and don't worry about it.

We all take them as needs be and some of us are now running long distances. See Juicy Ju our Couch to 5k panther.

We here are Graduates from, or are currently running - using NHS Couch to 5 k programme, which is designed to get you off the couch and running 30 minutes solidly over a period of 9 weeks, running 3 times a week.

Whatever programme you are using just take your time. You'll get there slow but sure. You have to build up your running legs and lungs, upper body etc and it all takes time. Be patient. It's worth it when you do finally start running with more freedom

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