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Officially a runner on 2 counts

First, Laura says I'm officially a runner now and second, I ran in the rain for the first time yesterday so i reckon that definitely makes me a runner (even if a very slow one!) I'd planned to do W6R3 but when I got up first it was foggy then turned to that wet blanket sort of rain. Thought about putting it off till today but then decided to go for it - I was sure I'd feel better for it so it would set me up well for what was I knew would be a difficult day (big changes going on at work and very elderly parents with problems). So glad I did! After 5 minutes running I didn't feel as good as 5 minutes into W5R3 and was thinking 'Hmm, 25 minutes seems like a long time' but then it got better and better and I speeded up a bit for the las 5 minutes with a bit of an extra push for the last minute and came back feeling really good and well set up for the day ahead.

I wore my new running leggings for the first time and they were great for that sort of weather - where ordinary trousers would have been cold and soggy they were still comfortable.

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Well done, orchards :) .

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Oh yes the right trousers! 😊Dri-fit run clothing is such a boon to us runners in any weather and fortunately it can be bought cheap as chips. As long as we have the basics we can weather the storm. Get a running cap! I got mine from Aldi, it even has a light in the brim 😊

Enjoy week 6 ☺ Take it steady!!!

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