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W1:R1 again

Hi all,

So here I am back on C25k :)

I followed the program spring 2015 with a running buddy, we got to week 8, running about 4.7k and then kinda stuck with that route and didn't complete the final weeks program. My running buddy then moved away, so my running quickly tapered off to nothing.

Now I need to get exercising again, my main focus is Milon gym circuits, but I 'd like to do c25k as well so am hoping to combine the 2 at the gym. Any advice on this would be appreciated, am I expecting too much being able to tag c25k on the end of gym sessions? Is there much difference between treadmill and outdoor running, other than the obvious fresh air, getting to see stuff other than other sweaty bodies?

Anyway got the first run of week 1 under my belt did my 2 circuits, followed by 20 mins of alternating 1 min jog, 1 min walk (couldn't remember exactly the time intervals) and all felt good.

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