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"Barefoot" running

Hello, fellow runners.

I was wondering if there are any "barefoot" runners in this community. Just started the program again (and Zombies, run) and I had to quit again because of my knees. I waited a few weeks until the pain was gone.

I get emails from this website that sells shoes for "barefoot" running and they share tips in these emails. Last week there was one that talked about landing on the ball of the foot instead of the heel. I'm a heel walker naturally and it always sends a surge through my legs. But when I take a sprint when I happen to be barefoot I land on the ball of my foot first and I always love how I feel. Light and springy and no hard landing.

So today I wore my Vibram Fivefingers and tried it out.

It. was. so. good! I felt so light and not like the bulky, slow beginner I am. My steps were bigger and felt so much better. I felt like I was flying.

And the best part? No annoying pressure on my joints, like I normally have. But I was out of breath, which doesn't usually happen either. So, by running this way, I felt the parts of my body I'm supposed to feel. I'm guessing my calves are gonna kill me tomorrow. But I'm definitely keeping this up.

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I think yatesco runs "barefoot" aswell. Look back at some of his posts! Sounds fun😎

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It really was! Like walking on springs or something 😄. I'll check out his posts. Thanks!


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