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It's all about the numbers!

I have become a little fixated on numbers since doing C25K and as a graduate, still can't run without counting, tracking and having a number to aim for. Today, because I have had a cold and a little knee stiffness (doing strength and flex exercises which are helping), I set out at a comfortable pace and did a 5k run. I then had 4K with mostly running but some walk breaks (I walk for 100 double paces and I count each set of 10 on my fingers) and finished with 1k sprint (well I call it a sprint because it was faster than comfortable)! Very slow but 1 HR 20 mins of exercise seems good to me for a Sunday morning. Are you obsessed with numbers too? Think my pace was around 8 mins per km.. Numbers everywhere 😉

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I'm a bit obsessed with numbers aswell and am continuously looking for improvement. I don't think it's necessarily good because it can take the fun out of running, but that's the way I am. At the moment I can see improvement again, but it's difficult at times when I seem to be going backwards. Well done on your 10k!


This made me smile.. I count too! This morning, 5K in fours..,then back home..in fours... it has always been four, for me since starting C25K :)

It is subconscious now I think..'cos other thoughts are whizzing around there too :)


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