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🎼 All you need is love 🎼

I know my wife loves me to bits, but she doesn't get this running thing, when I come home after my latest run and talk her through the highs, lows and latest achievements, I can see her inwardly rolling her eyes. At least I have this forum of likeminded individuals who understand the buzz when halfway through a run, pains and tweaks seem to vanish, your heart lifts and you seem to find another gear!

Lovin it!

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Without this forum some of us would have bored our other halves and families to death. My husband is probably as greatful for this forum as me. Now he only has to hear a bit of my after run analysis!


Lol! It's like the old joke , " How do you know that someone's run a Marathon?"

"They'll tell you" 😂


This is soo true !

Yep, one of the many wonderful things about this forum is that we all get it and can blather away to our hearts content and go " Oooh and Ahhhhh " over a photo of a pair of new runners !

Long may it continue ! :-) xxx


I must be very lucky, my Baldy isn't interested either but bless him he takes it all in! If I say something like "I don't think I can do that distance or that speed " or whatever, he will say "yes you can you've already done that in May or or down in the valley" or whatever...and he came to my rescue when I got lost, and apart from a little giggle didn't give me a hard time...


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