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Getting back in the saddle

After getting way out of routine with the summer holidays and return to work, I didn't want to try another park run - I managed two before the summer, but they took 43 and 42 minutes and I just didn't think I could manage running that far (and didn't want to discourage myself by not finishing). Our local park run is 3 laps, so I resolved to do just 2 of them. Pleased to report that the exhaustion and gremlins that I was waiting for didn't appear, and that I felt really comfortable the whole way. NOT something that has ever happened to me before! It still took about 28-30 minutes, not sure since I must have accidentally tapped my phone and shut my app off. And, my running belt must have eaten my earphones and I had to do the run without music, and to my great surprise, it was totally fine!

So for anyone who has let their routine slip and is worried about getting back out there again, I can honestly say it was much much nicer than I thought it would be:)

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