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YAY..I did it!!

Yep following my mid week wobbles after W6R2 and my first post on this forum the support and tips truly motivated me on R3. I changed my route which helped immensely and took it slowly - I'm sure I can walk faster! But yes I ran continuously for 25 mins. Stamina wise I felt fine but my calves don't half feel tight. The best thing though as Laura says- I'm now a runner! Who'd have thought it??!

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Well done! It's all about consolidation now.

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Well done, Hapbee99 :) . Roll on week 7! We can do this :) :)


Brilliant! What a moment when Laura calls you a runner! :) Make sure you stretch out those tight calves and perhaps buy a foam roller if you haven't already (can get them for a fiver on amazon) which can really help. Well done you, slow is good, you're doing great.


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