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W9R3 done - I did it!


Deliriously excited to have graduated this morning, I did't think I'd see it through before I started, I doubted I'd do it during week 1 (so hard!), I didn't think I'd stick with it once I started back teaching after the Summer break, I didn't think I'd finish that last run at one point (enthusiastically starting too fast), but I did!

This makes me question all the things I've ever said I couldn't do, maybe now I need to revisit my "no chance ever" list :) The best bit is after a cuppa and breakfast I'm out to do it all again with my daughter and W1R1, I'm so pleased for her deciding to have a go, not just because I hope she finds the joy of running too, but because she needs to have this fabulous feeling of "I can!"

Thanks to everyone on here for advice, encouragement and inspiration!

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Excellent news Bettybelle. A great big well done to you. Isn't it great when others get inspired too, hope your daughter really enjoys it too. 🎈🌟🎈🌟🎈🌟

bettybelleGraduate in reply to Vanessa291

Yes, hope she does, I'm kind of looking forward to starting it too


Well done, that's brilliant. I am a long way behind you am doing week 5 run 2 next but reading posts of those who have 'done it' is inspirational and keeps me going. Hope your daughter gets the bug too 😃😃

bettybelleGraduate in reply to SuperMouse

Yes, I hope so too. You have the wonderful W5R3 coming up then - good luck, hope you enjoy it :)


Well done on your graduation! Fabulous running! Enjoy the grest feeling of achievement! 🎓🍾👍🏼😀

Good luck to your daughtet also.


Congratulations - you should be feeling very proud!

Good luck to your daughter.


Congratulations!!! What a lovely photo - great place to run! You must feel great. I love the idea of revisiting our "no chance ever" lists. C25k shows that we are capable of so much more than we realised!!! Your graduate badge looks great. Good luck to your daughter! She is lucky she has you to mentor you through it.


I know! It's mad isn't it! We just kick ourselves for not doing it before 😊

The important thing is we are doing it now

Happy running and many congratulations ☺

bettybelle, congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself and well done for sticking it out now term has started. Isn't it wonderful how this programme and the support we get from the forum makes us expand our horizons in other areas too? Have a great weekend and make sure you celebrate! 🍾🍷🍸🎓

bettybelleGraduate in reply to Nailectric

I bought a bottle of bubbly at the start to open when I graduated 🎓 I'll be drinking it with my daughter tonight!

What a fabulous achievement! Millions of congratulations😊😊😊. You are so right about the program giving you the confidence to think 'why not?' instead of 'no way!' And what a brilliant legacy for your daughter if she will continue your mindset 😘😘

Enjoy the feeling xxx


Very Very Happy for you, Graduate Runner :) Great post also, you put into words so well what a wonderful experience that particular run is too - well done on both counts :)

Many congratulations Betty. You've achieved something so worthwhile and joyous, you should be very proud. And how fab that your daughter is starting too. I love your sentiment "because she needs to have this fabulous feeling of ' I can'."

And that's a gorgeous photo btw. Enjoy your running future.


Great news...well done. :D

Congratulations on your graduation and brilliant that you are now doing it again with your daugther :-)

Well done

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