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The HILLS are alive!!!

After completing W6R1 on Sunday, and discovering that going in the opposite direction from normal on my usual circuit was a whole lot steeper, I travelled home to Liverpool ahead of going on my travels tomorrow. Now, I come from an area called Mossley Hill, so you've guessed it, there have been more hills, and steeper ones at that! Run 2 had an elevation gain of 44m which hurt lots!!

Today I chose a flatter route for run 3, and only went and ran for 25 minutes without stopping!! Yeah!!!

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 5.11km, time: 37:14, pace: 7:17min/km, speed: 8.24km/h.

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Well done, Rosie958 , that is fantastic!


Well done you! Hills, eeek! Totally hardcore to get through that. 5k too! You'll be very close to that 5k in 30 minutes in Week 9 at this rate! Very well done!


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