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Week 3 - Run 2 🔥🔥🔥

Hot does not even cover it. I am convinced I'm melting. Jogging in 30 degree heat was not ideal, but as im on night shifts at the moment I had little choice. One thing for sure though, I most definitely took water with me, usually I don't as I hate carrying it but today it was an absolute necessity!

If I was to compare this to my first run of week 3 I actually don't think I could. Literally because I was so conscious of staying hydrated and jogging in the shade when I could find some.

Though I am not too sure if I am slowing down too much and pushing myself hard enough. It's not easy, the last minute of the second three minute jog was painfully slow again. I did feel like just stopping and walking at one point but pushed through.

Was anyone else silly enough to go jog today in this heat?

Now excuse whilst I just go and sit in the shower for eternity!

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It's all relative of course but I breathed a sigh of relief when the temps around here started dipping into the low 90's /30's :) It is what you get used to that counts - just like running. :) Humidity is the main factor too as you mentioned. High humidity and high temps are killers, literally. Every year around here people die from heatstroke.exhaustion.

You did VERY well to finish at all :)


Now that is commitment.. well done bones, extra brownie points from Laura are in order.😊

You may feel that its slow, but I'm pretty sure it's stamina building..😉

Good for you for getting the job done.

Phew... enjoy that cool shower.


Well done - been running all through this hot spell and it's exhausting. Well done for getting out there and completing it today - that takes some guts 😀


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