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Good Riddance Week 8!

I finished wk 8 run 3 this morning just to get it done before I changed my Such a hard week mentally for me. Instead of putting a day between runs I just bit the bullet and did them monday/tuesday/and today Wednesday. I'm not sure if that's wise physically but at least I have peace of mind that I finished what I needed to this week. I will likely go out again tomorrow but may just do a brisk walk. The weather was poor this morning so I delayed my run by a few hours. Instead of running at 5:30am in the dark I was out there around 7:30am, sun up. I clearly didn't put a lot of thought into it because as I started my run I realized this was the time all the kids in the neighbourhood were waiting at the bus stop for their school buses. So every other block i passed had stacks of kids/parents/grandparents watching me hobble along. It may have been a good thing because i covered more distance today in the 28min so clearly my speed was I was a bit self conscious as i passed them but I just tried to look 'strong' and try and forget that everything was jiggling. Just three more runs to officially graduate whoop whoop! Thanks to everyone that cheered me on and lifted me up this week, it is so greatly appreciated. xo

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Brilliant but take it easy - that rest day is there for a reason and helps strengthen the body and reduces potential injury - well done tho' and onwards to W9 :-)


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