Couch to 5K

Week 6, run 2!!

I should really have done this session today, but went last night with my fitter, faster friend ( who is NOT my metaphorical arthritic snail pal ;) ). Anyway, the first ten minute run was hard, being as it included that long slow hill, but the second was great. Downhill most of the way and we were able to chat as we trotted along. I actually felt that I could have gone a bit faster but didn't want to tire myself out.

Can't decide now whether to repeat this run or move on to run 3; to run tomorrow morning or to leave it til Saturday and Parkrun.

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Well done!

Both week 6 R3 and week 7 R1 are the same so why not do both?

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My main concern is that if I do the 25 min run at Parkrun I will run out of steam and won't be able to do any more towards the end.

I go dancing on Thursdays so a 25 min run in the morning is probably not the best idea.

What I think will work best is to repeat run 2 at Parkrun, and after the second 10 min run to do intervals according to the length of my running music, one song run, one song walk. Should keep me going til the end with some energy left to run the last few yards :) .


Well done! Slow is definitely good, no need to go too fast at this point. I think you should give it a go! If you struggle, you can repeat run 3 again next time before moving on. You might find it absolutely fine. :)


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