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Weeks 4&5: Fighting back pain, flu, diarrhoea, vacation, hot weather, gremlins, chest infection and chicken curry!

Ha ha, the title says it all. My back pain from W3 continued into W4. Somehow I managed to do the first 2 runs, although it didn't feel great I have to say. In mean time I also got some kind of flu accompanied with diarrhoea and I had to call the day. I was really tempted to do the last run of the week 4 but reading stuff on the net suggested I should really sit this one down. It was my longest break since the start: 5 days. In mean time I went to 9-day holiday in Spain and it was really my second day there that I felt like I was back to normal. And what do you know: I did 3 runs on my holiday(!). I feel more and more like a proper runner now. And after 5-day break I thought I would struggle (it was also 30-ish degrees that evening), but still enjoyed the run, and W4R3 was one of my most enjoyable runs. Did another 2 in the same manner and decided to schedule the dreaded W5R3 when I get back home.

I did't feel great that day. As it turned out later it was early chest infection that I picked up from the guy sitting behind and coughing throughout the journey in tightly packed RyanAir aircraft. 3 hours before the scheduled run I felt very hungry and went to local restaurant that was close to place of work. I know rice is digested quickly (2 hrs max) as well as chicken (same amount of time), but neglected to include curry sauce in my calculation. And there I was running my first 20 minute interval at snail pace (slowest pace since week 1) with curry in my throat and tightness in my chest. Regardless, I did it! So proud of myself!

However that chest infection got worse and I am currently on antibiotics. Lost full week and a half in the process, combined with my pre-vacation issues (currently on day 4 of the rest). Never had to repeat days/weeks though and currently extremely positive that I'll nail that week 6!

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And you will nail that week 6 ench0. What a catalogue of trials you've had to wade through to get this far! Hope your infection clears real soon and that you get your strength back. Slow and steady does it. Well done on getting through despite the setbacks :)

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You will! Well done for running on holiday! It's a great way to see a new place, isn't it?! Must feel great to have W5R3 in the bag. Hope you will soon be on the mend, make sure you give yourself enough rest and then go out there and show Week 6 how it's done!! :)

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I have run on undigested curry once too often and lived to tell the tale 😊

You'll soon be firing on all cylinders and can get back on track

Have fun ☺

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