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W5R1... tick

All done.. and our 12 yr old daughter ran so confidently and was so proud at the end of it, that it made the run feel easier for me as she has wanted to run with us but doubts herself and has needed a lot of encouragement along the way.. It was lovely to see how pleased she was afterwards it all gets complicated again ..because my sister VeganNelly is home and we all ran together today but I am off to help badgers tomorrow for a few days, so am packing my running shoes and will be tackling W5R2 on my own...round a Dorset field somewhere..but I have packed Laura and I will do it

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I think we all doubt ourselves during the programme and afterwards too. Running through a field in Dorset sounds good. It is nice to have somewhere different to run, so long as it doesn't involve steep hills! Well done all of you getting to W5.

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Love the image of 'packing Laura' lol


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