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Moving on

Week 3 - run 2 was Wednesday then run 3 was this morning so slightly longer gap than I'd have liked. Found it the hardest day so far on my legs, the outer lower leg muscles hurt so much, more so when walking than running. Could this just be down to my muscles getting used to working again after no exercise at all for years and leaving too big a gap between runs 2 and 3? Should I repeat run 3 before moving on to week 4 on Tuesday? Am so determined to complete the programme this time as I've given up twice before for one thing or another but this time I'm on it seriously and don't want anything to get in the way. Advice much appreciated so thank you in advance.

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It won't do any harm to repeat and will boost your confidance too. If you haven't exercised much before your body will be complaining!! Huge well done on your progress :)

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The "9" is really an arbitrary figure, as is the "5" in the programme name. :) Few graduate "on time and with distance" believe me ☺

It's all about building up stamina to where your legs, lungs, heart etc can haul your body along for thirty continuous minutes.

That takes time and asks a lot of our former sedentary selves.

I, like others, loved the feeling of ticking off another box as I did the programme but soon after graduation found myself wishing I had consolidated some of the stages more before moving on.

It really would have made the difference between "staggering over the finish line" and "Wow! That was GREAT and it was my graduation run too! "

It's great to have a goal to look forward to, but if the way to it makes you unhappy it isn't.

"Slow and steady" really is the mantra for most of us, you will be in good company along the way :)

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I had same longer break than usual ran Wednesday , missed my regular Friday run then ran this Morning and had a great run. But I am further into the running lark than yourself now doing 5K (still not in 30 minutes) , but not worried about the time although I am getting faster without consciously trying.

The first 9 weeks were harder on my legs than now but it does get easier. Most here who run regularly 30 minutes agree that usually the first 5 minutes are hardest as body gets used to the shock of running when the previous day it was sitting on the couch. I've not run anywhere since being a teenager. Also despite the fact that I cycled regularly.

As others have said repeat if need be your only racing against your own goals everyone is starting with different fitness levels. Just think how great you feel and the great sense of achievement that you are doing something you previously thought impossible. Every run even just to consolidate is progress !

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Your muscles are bound to complain a bit with the unaccustomed exercise. I know some people get shin pain more when doing a brisk walk than when running.

A couple of things to think about - are you having a good stretch out after you runs? - it really does help with the stiffness. And are you wearing good running shoes - can make all the difference to how you run and whether you avoid injury.

No harm in repeating if you want, but I would say carry on if you have successfully completed the runs.

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