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Into W2 with teenybopper

She's getting hooked. I knew it would happen. Completing a run or running for longer gives you a huge sense of achievement. She's doing great and thankfully W2 music isn't too bad.

It's interesting to run the programme again. Have to say running slower than usual with all the stopping and starting is much harder on the legs than running at my usual pace for 90mins or so. It was quite a relief to loosen it up and go for a run by myself this morning. I am not surprised a lot of people get achey legs when they start. Whatever you think at the onset, running longer blocks is easier, you just don't have the puff for it at the beginning.

Also notice that teenybopper scuffles and drags her feet rather than lift them up. Come to think of it, I probably did too when I did C25K. Probably whatever gets you through is ok.

If you accompany a beginner, it could be a good idea to pay attention to your own form during the run. Even if you're doing short runs there is always something to improve (keeping your back straight, lifting up your feet, looking straight ahead and all the rest of it). I really recommend doing it if you know someone who is thinking about taking up running but maybe not very confident. It is great to see their pleasure at a run completed and their pride in making progress.

After teenybopper graduates, I think I will offer a beginner running group, just to help reticent beginners get started. It is sometimes easier if you're not alone and running in a group feels safer once the shorter days set in.

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Great idea, Bop. I'm sure a beginner group would be very much appreciated. I couldn't agree more about how hard it is to run slowly with a new runner, and how interesting it is to watch their form. I can't understand how my daughter can be so graceful when she dances but can flap her feet down so much when she runs! You live an learn. Good luck to the teenybopper as she works her way through the programme :)

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Thanks :) I couldn't claim to be any kind of a coach but I'll offer to accompany a group of beginners working through the podcasts. Some people at choir and at work, friends of my daughter showed some interest so I'll try and get it off the ground for winter. Have to see teenybopper through to graduation first though.


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