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Last holiday run and first run back at home

On Thursday morning I did not feel like going out for run and when I did start running I felt very sluggish. Luckily this feeling did not last too long and I got into my stride. Despite being on the flat the run felt slow. By the end of the run I was enjoying it. I did my warn down in the morning sunshine on the beach and finished off with some stretches.

The most recent edition of Trust Me I Am a Doctor on BBC 2 looked into whether or not stretching before exercise was beneficial or not. The conclusion was that for running and other power events it was not and in fact could be detremental to performance. However post exercise stretching was good.

I have to say that I felt the benefit of post running stretching on Friday, when I was in the car for over 9 hours on the journey home, and when I went out for my run this morning at home. I will be keeping this as part of my warm down routine from now on.

As for my run this morning it went well. Even although my course was more hilly than last week my pace was faster. Perhaps it is because I am familiar with it? Who knows.

Back on the 19 August I weighed myself for the first time in years. I weighed myself again this morning and I have only lost 1llb. I am going to have to look seriously at my diet if I want to lose a significant amount of weight by the end of the year. My diet is not bad and has improved since I started running. I think that portion control may be a factor.

Happy runnings.

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Diet :( Portion control!! Oh I hate those words. I really thought with my ever changing shape and new muscles I'd have lost at least a few pounds. Yearly MOT yesterday and no change. I guess we'll have to incorporate the horrible words into our regimes NIGHTINGALE1.

You runs sound great though and you really sound like you're enjoying them more and more. Here's to cool running (and a bit of cool weight loss in the side) ;)


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