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Slow but sure; don't be afraid to repeat weeks

I started Couch 2 5k aged 59. After a knee injury in week 2, which put me out for 5 weeks, our GP's Practice Nurse suggested I ran each week twice. Excellent advice. I have just completed Week 6. I have had great encouragement from family and I have really appreciated all the posts on this site, hence why i am posting today.

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Hello there!

I think many folks pick up niggles and knocks at some point but hopefully manage to Graduate successfully, if not in the planned 9 weeks. No matter. Graduation is all the more brilliant when the day does finally arrive.

Week 6 is by far the hardest! The worst is over so now you are in cruise mode all the way to the finish. Take it steady! Slow is absolutely fine.

Good luck! I hope you have no more niggles!


Nothing going to hold you back now 60Mouse 😉


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