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Graduation & Park Run

Completed the Week 9 Run 3 on Thursday (how do I go about getting a badge? Are there medals? t-shirts? etc), and really pleased with the feeling of being able to run. I used the GPS on my fitbit watch to keep an eye on time/distance, and was never really convinced I was achieving 5k in the 30 minutes, although maybe not too far off. This morning I attended my first Park Run: wow! Nearly 400 people there! I enjoyed the run immensely. I felt the pace for the first half mile was dictated by the speed of the crowd, but once the runners spaced out I was able to settle into a steady pace, similar to the pace I have been at on week 8 and 9. I was running with my daughter who did the C25K with me - the Park Run was something we talked about doing in about Week 2 - and we had agreed to stick together rather than "race" for a time. Ha! About 3 yards from the finish line she dashed forwards and managed to complete the run 3 places ahead of me :-). I completed the 5k in 35 minutes. I am going to do some more of these Park Runs - it was so much easier running when there are others around you running, and I got no sense of any "racing" going on (apart from my daughter at the end). And most of all, I felt I had plenty left in the tank: I thought I could have gone faster and/or gone further. Time will tell. Keep on running y'all!

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Congratulations on graduation and discovering the wonder that is parkrun. If you look at the pinned posts on the right of the page you will find details of how to get your little grey GRADUATE badge, which is great to have , but if you look further you should also find links to T-shirts and pin badges, which unfortunately do not come free from the NHS.

Keep running, keep smiling, fellow runner.


Well done! Congratulations on Graduation and your first Parkrun. You will soon see Graduate against your name if you've applied for the virtual badge. I bought a metal pin badge and proudly display it on my run jacket. You can buy a tee shirt too. Links in blue text on the right.

Parkrun is great fun. There is a temptation to run it too fast. It's not a race but it is good to try and challenge yourself. It's early days for you so don't go mad. You don't want to get hurt while your running legs are still developing.


well done to you. Ohh and you can make sure you do your daughter next time. Lol. 😉


In case you didn't find the pinned post for your Graduation Badge, here's a link to it:


Wear your badge with pride, you've earned it.


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