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Back Plodding Along

A year has passed and I am back. I gave up the first time at about week 7 and due to one thing and another, well every excuse in the book, I have not got back to it until now. Just completed W4R1 and more determined than ever. Pouring with rain this morning but somehow found it more enjoyable than sweating in the heat. I had to replace the old app with the new one but there is no Laura, while Jo Whiley is excellent I miss Laura. Also, and I have seen other people mention it, if you play music you cannot hear the instructions.

I remember from the first time when it is mentioned that you will run for 5 minutes, no way you think, but just plodding along you make it, although when you get told you have completed 2.5 minutes it seems like you have already been running for ever.

Volunteering again at the Worcester 10K next weekend maybe just maybe next year I will be able to do it. For now though I have a target in my head of a circular route by the river I want to complete.

Will keep plodding along though.

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Welcome back !

Laura is still around on the C25k podcasts . If you go the C25k homepage ( sorry I'm on my phone and can't do the link ) but you will find all the weeks there .

Keep going , keep posting and Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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Sounds like the 10k for next year is a great goal. I've done a few races around that distance and they're pretty fun. I usually have generous walk breaks during them - just committing to it and getting out there is the important thing.


Brilliant..welcome back..☺River run sounds fine.☺


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