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Just got back from week 4 run 2 and feel great! Last minute of 5 min run at the end took a bit of a push and I ended up a nice shade of beetroot but it was fine.

I feel much fitter than when I started - I know I wouldn't have been able to complete that run at the beginning; it's very encouraging to know I am improving. It such quick progress, only one more week 4 run and I am stepping up again!

Good luck to everyone starting out, it's a great program!

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Oh yeah! My face colour was the same. Also, managed to speed up on the last 5min run. I have been adding an extra day to every week to build up my stamina, it has helped, so x2 more runs of wk4 to go. My fitness levels have risen. Splashed out on some new gear to give me more motivation, sports direct has cheap and good value stock.


Ah nice speeding up! Getting new sports gear ius definately a motivating factor, I just ordered some Zaggora leggings which are super cheap on living social right now and apparently keep you really warn, make you sweat and get rid of cellulite - sound amazing if they work!

How's it going running two days in a week? I have been tempted to do that but was a bit worried that not having a rest day in between two runs wouldn't allow my muscles time to rest as I'm not used to running. I might try it though - I would rather run 4x a week. At the moment I am doing every other day so completeing the weekly runs in 6 days.

Nice that we're at the same point!


Hi should have said I always have a rest day, but do an extra day of each week. Instead just 3 runs i do x4, have done 14 runs so far and got a lot more to do. I started 21/01/12.


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