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Still here!

After having some time off (No reason - just got out of the habit and dreaded getting back into it) Luckily for me I was able to pick on w7r2 straight away with no hiccups and no reruns! Just completed run 3! And including my warm up/down I actually went for 3.8 Miles! Which equals 5.4K and I burned 348 calories! (This actually does make me hopeful for going on and hopefully I will make that kind of distance without including the warm up/down)

The only reason I went that far is because after going for about 10 minutes I had to turn back because the dog I was running with had a mammoth meltdown (Considering it was a bloody big dog and I'm under 5ft, it didn't go down well) After pulling so hard her lead actually FELL off, I thought it was best to take her home!

Excited for week 8, hopefully without a meltdown this time!

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Well done, Bex. You kept the fitness going. Sadly, I had to leave my dog at home too, it meant I could focus on running. Have a great time with week 8 :)


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