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Week 8 run 1 - tick!

This forum is so brilliant! I hadn't run for about a week due to sore ribs and was putting off starting again as I assumed I would have gone back to square one and was scared of the pain! I did a bit of research on the posts on here which reassured me that I would have retained some strength and stamina and also remembered the advice of Irish-John about 'practice runs' and McFitty about calf stretches.

And it was fine!

Thanks everyone!

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Go you! Oooo it's a matter of a couple of hours or so running now and you'll be......



yay, well done :)


And now you are inspiring me because I have a few days ahead where I probably won't be able to run at all and will spend two of them in cramped car or plane seats :) It will be Saturday or Sunday before I can go out again, but all will be well from your Post here :)

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