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Week 8 started

So it's my first post but I started the c25k i did my first week 8 run today it killed me but I finished it!!!! I couldn't even finish week 1s sessions when I started so really pleased but I still can't hit 4K I don't include the 5 min walks before and after I turn map my run on as I start running and just cannot hit 4K yet my time was much slower today I was tired and sore from work anyway! Really did hit a wall on this run! And I really started to love running a few weeks ago that has now well and truly gone! I go out and do it but I don't look forward to it like I did and adding time sounds awful!

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The time is not important. Finishing the session is what counts. If you go slowly you will have enough puff to get round without getting out of puff ☺

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Think back to why you started C25k. Just look at your progress. You just ran for 25 minutes and that is no mean feat. You will be improving your health in so many ways by continuing to run, but you may have to face the fact that you will never be an Olympic runner.......nor will I, but 3 years after completing C25k, it remains the most transformative and beneficial single thing I have done in my life. At the age of 60, I am generally fitter and happier than ever before and I attribute much of that to being a runner.

Your speed is of very little importance, in respect of the health benefits you will reap. You are still a very new runner and still pushing yourself week on week, so, yes, it will be tough, but you are so close to graduation, when you will be able to consolidate and become confident about your abilities. A few weeks ago you would have been delighted to say you can run over 3k, so don't get hung up on how far or fast you go, but congratulate yourself on your achievement and believe me when I tell you that you are doing great. Compare yourself to the old you, not anybody else, fellow runner.


Excellent advice above.

It does take effort but it's so important that you enjoy it, or else you won't keep going.

You are very close to graduation - speed and distance really don't matter. You have done so well to become a runner, just consolidate. It will get easier.

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Thank you I do pace myself I think I was an average of 20 seconds slower per km yesterday though which just let me down a bit but yea running 28 minutes is something I never thought I'd be able to do!


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