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Week 3, 1st run completed, listening to Alice in Wonderland

This was only actually my second complete run, tho I did most of the second run in the second week, but I joined in with my family last week so I didn't really know what to expect today.

It seemed to go fine; today I played an e-book when I was running, to try and stop myself counting seconds which I do partly so I know how soon I can stop running but partly because I can't seem to stop myself . When I did the previous runs, and when exercising in the past, I have found the mental aspect of it harder than the physical in some ways, as my mind gets screamingly bored long before my legs get tired.

My sister was listening to the podcast on an mP3 so she was telling the kids and me when we were supposed to walk and run, so, since I wasn't listening to the podcast, I put on Alice in Wonderland on my phone and listened to that when it was time to run.

I found it helped as it distracted me although I found it hard not knowing how near to the end of the 3 minutes running we were since I wasn't counting in my head, but the time definitely seemed to pass quicker and I only listened to it as a treat when I was running, not when doing the easier brisk walking.

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I just did w3r1 today, too! Glad you found it easy, I was surprised it wasn't as difficult as I had psyched myself up for it to be.

Glad the audiobook seemed to help, but it is really nice to have Laura's encouragement on the podcasts. She tells you how long is left and gives you compliments. I find it very helpful. Find whatever works for you! If that's audiobooks, that's great!


I didn't make a conscious decision not to listen to the podcast, but my sister started this with our 3 children and she listens to the podcast and tells them what to do, so they are all doing it together, it's just how she set it up, and I just started doing it almost accidently- I was just supposed to be walking my dogs, and was wearing my jeans, had no mp3 etc etc so I just did as the kids had been doing, listened to my sister relaying the instructions. She encouraged me to get an mp3 etc but I wasn't sure enough that I was going to do this, as I didn't know if my joints would hurt etc or if I even really wanted to do this, or would be able to,. But I didn't especially like the idea of 'sports music' and my sister passes on the encouragement anyway, so I thought I would utilise the fact that I wasn't listening to the podcast anyway, and see if the audiobook helped stop me counting and getting so bored (hard to explain how someone could get so bored in a couple of minutes but that has always been my problem with exercise) and it did. :-)

It's nice to hear from someone on the same run as us today :-) I am working at the weekend so we will probably do our w3r2 on Monday rather than Sunday..what about you..? :-)


That's great you're doing it as a family. See how you get on. I personally love the idea of using an audiobook, and honestly the music on the podcasts leaves much to be desired. If I didn't like the encouragement so much I'd use the app and upload my own music.

I'm going to do w3r2 on Monday. My husband and I are doing it together and we do the first run of each week on a Friday so we have two days to recover before the next one. Then runs 2&3 seem easier on M & W. So far it's been working for us. Good luck next week and let us know how you get on! 😊

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I will do, let me know how you and your husband get on with w3r2 :-)

Good luck :-)


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