Couch to 5K

W6 r1

Wow not been on here for a bit as been busy with work ect but pleased to say have completed week 5 and onto r2 of wk6 tomo am feeling fantastic I cannot believe I am running for 25 mins and actually enjoying it! Even went out at 5,30am on Thursday as knew I would be struggling to fit it in if not! Thanks for all the support in the first few weeks you all have helped massive and to anyone just starting this programme stick with it as it really does work I am over weight but eating healthier and doing this is helping to shift the pounds too. Onwards and upwards and looking forward to seeing a little less of me and a healthier me.! 😍

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Well done for getting up so early, that is complete dedication. Happy running :)


Well done, I am an evening jogger so really admire your dedication with the early morning runs :-)


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