Couch to 5K

What a difference 6 weeks can make!

Well, never thought I would get this far, but completed Wk 6, D3 last night in slight rain, and loved it! Ok, re-phrase that, and say I really enjoyed the last 15 minutes of the 25 minute run, as it seems I'm going to be one of those runners who really don't like the first 10 minutes of each run, but as soon as they were out the way, I seem to find my stride, and it felt right, if that makes sense! When Laura said in the last minute to up the pace if you still had it in you, I managed to do as I was told and couldn't believe I was able to push myself even harder at the end of running for 25 minutes!

For the first time in my life I am enjoying exercise, must be a middle aged thing as next week I turn 50!

Can't believe this time 6 weeks ago I could hardly jog for 1 minute, and now here I am just 6 short weeks later, jogging for 25!!!! Bring on Wk 7!!!!!

Keep up the good work everyone, and for all newbies, anything is possible!

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Lovely positive post, a joy to read 😀

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Fantastic and what a great feeling! Well done you! 😄 Another '66 person on the forum - it was a vintage year 😄


Wow yet another inspiring post thank you 😄 not quite feeling like saying bring on week 3 yet :-)


Well done! It's amazing the realisation of what you're capable of isn't it. And gas left in the tank at the end... you're going to love week 7 😊


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