#thisgirlcan run for 20 minutes non stop!

I just ran for 20 minutes for W5R3 and it was amazing!

I was a little sceptical that I'd make it as I spent my rest day walking up and down a really steep hill (my iPhone health step counter counted it as 22 flights of stairs each time!). But I made it.

I now know what is meant by 'finding your pace'. The first five minutes were terrible but once I was into it everything just fell into place.

I'm going away camping today but I'm taking my trainers with me and hope to tackle at least some of W6. I'm going away with work in September and need to be fit for it so can't stop now (not that I want to!).

Quick question for people that use GPS etc to track their runs... Do you count the 5 minute warm ups or do you set your phone going once you've done the warm ups? Up until now I've been including the warm ups but once I start the longer runs I think I'll start it afterwards.

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  • I never count the warm up or the cool down as part of my distance covered. That way, you get a real sense of the pace and distance gets covered more quickly. Just after graduation, I kept running at my usual pace and did 5k which took me 43 minutes and even today many months after graduation, I still only did the same distance in 33 minutes. The most important thing while on the programme is to focus on your run time. Fsntastic that you have done so well, brilliant effort

  • Well done to you! That twenty minute run is a big sense of accomplishment.

    I only mark my runs as my time.

  • Well done

    W5R3 was the biggest high of the whole programme for me. It felt like such a massive progression from the start. The progress is more gradual now but the effort is quite significant. It works. I've done 5k, 5k and 7.5k in the last 7 days about a month from graduation.

    The 5 minute walking warm up is something I always do but never count.

    Smartphones are perfectly good for run tracking. I used my Garmin Edge GPS cycling computer in my pocket as I wanted heart rate monitor.

    Treated myself to a Garmin 230 after I graduated - awesome

  • Oh well done - it's a great feeling that W5 R3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Well done on your run :-)

    I included the walking and then week 9 run 2 I just recorded the running. My last run today at park run didn't include my warm up either.

    All the best for week 6 :-)

  • Well done on another run completed. I include the warm up but that's mainly because every time I decided not to - I forgot to start the tracking and recorded nothing at all๐Ÿ˜€ Also forgot to stop it one day and recorded a 2 hour workout that went nowhere !

  • That's a biggie out of the way. Well done! On the tracking question, I start my Garmon after the warm up and stop it at the end of the run before the warm down. Good luck with week 6! :)

  • Yay, Well done that's a toughie !

    Bet you feel amazing after that one ! :-) xxx

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