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What did I learn today?

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Continuing my "singles" play list for where I left it on Monday, the warm up walk was fine, but Stop! by Sam Brown is not a good song to start the run. I just couldn't get into a good stride. Luckily Tainted Love by Soft Cell came along to sort me out.

I set my chrono on my new Geonaute watch (£9.99 from Decathlon) to make sure I didn't do too much today. I think 35 minutes was a bit too much the other day.

It seemed a long time from 22 minutes to 25 but when I looked again I had just gone over 30 minutes. So just right.

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Photo is of my meadow

Amazing the difference music makes isn't it. I've just added Mercy by Duffy to mine - excellent choice :-) Glad you are progressing and have a new toy to play with :-)

The Geonaute watch is very basic, I just use the counter to see where I am up to. There is also a timer to set increments but the alarm is barely audible so I didn't bother. It is enough for me, I tried the Vivafit and did like it but it wouldn't stay paired with my tablet so I returned it to Decathlon. My pedometer is also Geonaute and has lasted well for several years so I thought I would try the watch and it does what I need for now anyway

the irritating thing with all the techy kit is until you try it you don't really know what works. The apple Watch is working for me at the moment because it is helping me target a more active all-round life and not just the running. I can also operate Run-Keeper from the watch when I am out which means if I ever decide to go "naked" I will have an easy to read time on my wrist. The numbers are actually big enough for me to see without my glasses too!! It appeals to my girly side too as I can choose different straps for it and bling it up a bit if I want :-)

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to OldPossum

Just three buttons on my Famous Kitchen Timer. Set, Start and Stop. Usually I can figure them out 🤔 There's even a little clothes peg thing so I can clip it to my sleeve or wherever 😊 And it really is a boost to see the counting down of the minutes sometimes, plus if it ever gets dropped/rained on/quits working another seven dollars will get a new one. AND I can time my hard boiled eggs with it 😋

My kitchen timers are too big to take running. The one on the lid of the halogen oven and an R2D2 model

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to RunaroundSue

Maybe I can set up a side-supply business :) 'Famous Kitchen Timers supplied to the Running Gentry' and 'Big huge Backpacks to the rest of you" ;)

Great job! I am done with the podcasts now and will be putting 30 mins of music onto my iPod ready for park run on Saturday. Only song I have definitely decided on is Duran Duran - my own way - "running like a fox to keep up with me" LOL :-D Oh to be 9 years old again.... !

oooh i was much older than that when Duran Duran hit the scene. :-)

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rammsteinqueenGraduate in reply to OldPossum

Heh! in 1982 I was ten - think that's when they got really popular? I won't ask how old you were then OldPossum :-D

Good Idea! Lets just say I was enjoying the 80s lifestyle in London! I partied my way through three decades but I'll let you decide which 3 !! :-)

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