Am I really considering life after Laura?

Strange change of mindset today... instead of thinking "if" I finish the programme, it's been more of a "when" I finish sort of day. So me & hubby plodding through week 6 at the moment, with completion date scheduled by end August. So, to celebrate & hopefully keep our momentum going, we've just signed up for a 3k fun run on 4th September. Our first ever race, wow! Would have preferred a 5k, but it took place in June - options for September were 3k fun run or 10k. Think 10k might be out of our league for a while yet, but who knows what the future may bring... Going to sign up for Park Run this week too, but not sure if I will go this early in programme or wait until week 9. Decisions, decisions lol

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  • That's great Polly - well done you. Know what you mean about the mindset - you do get to a certain stage and start believing and planning. Great post as it shows how far we can all come in a few weeks :-)

  • Great to sign up for a race. Now you have to keep going and achieve this. A 3k run will be great. You will know you can achieve it easily by end of programme and can even try running it a bit faster? Good luck☺

  • Amazing! How lovely that you have something to look forward to when you graduate! You're right to think when rather than if - you will complete the programme!! :)

  • It's a fab feeling when you realise barring injury that you will do this and say " when " instead of " if" !! You are doing great!

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