Couch to 5K

Bad week 😬😷

Should have started week 4 on Sunday but after helping hubby move 4 ton hardcore and 2 ton sand felt exhausted. Woke up Monday and m whole body ached went to work but felt terrible . Home and straight to bed got up tuesday morning got toncilitus swollen glands been in bed ever since . Hoping I can start it over weekend but worried I will need to go back to week 3 . Ant thoughts on it.?? Xx

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I'm not surprised you didn't feel up to running after all that! Depending on how you feel when you get back to it, I might be inclined to do a week 3 run first, just to build confidence, then move on after that. There's no right or wrong answer though - it's what works for you (and the difficulty is of course that you don't know until you try it!)... :)


Wait until you are really better, otherwise the run will be very hard. Then I'd try w4


I have just had a week off with illness and went back and repeated W4 R3 to help with confidence. Today I have done W5R1 and had no problems. Hope you feel better soon but take it nice and slowly it's not a race.


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