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Rhombo Rehab continues


So, am gradually able to do more, and have two coaches now who have me on strict programmes to get my mass back up and get me back in shape. I'll be honest, It's hard work. Harder work than getting in shape the first time was. I have minimum calorie targets to meet every day, and for all I know about nutrition, actually forcing the requisite quantities down is a challenge. I have to eat a certain amount of carbs, which goes greatly against the grain (hah! see what I did there?) and I really have to grit my teeth to do that part.

I am limited as tp the amount of cardio I am allowed, mainly on the basis of it being counter productive to the bulking effort. I am not doing so well on that front. Now I can run a bit I find it difficult to resist. I went for a 20 minute run with the dog a couple of days ago and realised when the hour playlist I was listening to ran out that I had rather overshot it and had no idea where I was, and still had to get back, whch turned out to be a 10 miler I have not told my coaches about.

I am back in the gym too, for the first time in a long time. Pushing hypertrophy and jostling for elbowspace with the acne ridden steroid heads. It is a humbling experience. I am baclk to lifting half the weight I was capable of only 3 months or so ago. But whilst I admit that is frustrating and a dent to the ego, I am just over the moon to be back in action.

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Ah Rig ! Its sooo good to hear from you again , I have thought about you often over the past few weeks ,wondering how you were xxx

It might be a long and winding road back , but you are are made of strong stuff Rig, and I have no doubt that you will face everything head on and overcome it .

Take it easy, we love ya Man :-) xxx


If anyone can do it, you can Rig. The main thing is being back out there - you'll be back to full strength in no time. And then awing us again with your antics!

It's great to see you here again Rig and I have no doubt you'll be back to full fitness soon.

I think every gym in the country contains those "acne ridden steroid heads" and they're usually found admiring themselves in all the mirrors. And they've usually got little skinny legs 😝

Huge respect for you Rig. You are made of strong stuff. Keep on keeping on... 🏃xx


Still sounds amazing to me Rig, you should be proud of your steely determination. I am!

Carbs aren't the devil really, just try to think of everything in balance. Plus try not to sweat the small stuff, as they say! Pick your battles = keeping yourself sane in my life!


Like you said, you are back in action which is fabulous... And 2 coaches, that's a bit greedy isn't it?!!! 😎


I'm so pleased to see you back here, Rig :) I'm sorry it's hard work for you, but you know all about hard work, so if anyone can do this, you can.

I am doing my squats, in proper form, in the mornings and thinking of you. It is not easy but my leg strength is improving. This is therefore A Good Thing.

All the best xx


Oh, sorry to hear you've not been well :( I must have missed that :( Great to hear that you are recovering though. Also really pleased to see you back posting on here. Not the same without your posts.


Well done Rig! Pleased that you're back to it.

Sounds like you're body building? Apart from the running.


So glad you are here... love the carb joke... very good! :)

Glad you are making progress and following advice.. even if you do get lost 10 miles out, in the process!

Sadly..you have influenced, even, me.. squats are part of the daily routine...I think of you whilst doing them... not necessarily in a kind way! :)

Hang in there...and... don't care if you don't want it...big hug x

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