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W7R1, again, not getting a buzz this time?

Hi all :) I'm a previous graduate but had to give up running due to various personal issues getting in the way...

Started again this summer and am up to week 7. Have pushed along a bit faster than recommended but I wasn't quite starting from scratch this time. When I've done the programme before I've returned home after each run on a massive high, and felt buzzing all day. I am not getting it at all this time round and I'm missing it!

Anyone else get this? I'm not particularly enjoying my routes at the moment as the last 5 mins home is up a massive hill! But I know that will get easier... just need some more endorphins!

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Maybe this time round you don't get the "I never thought I could do this" feeling, so it's not so exciting? Once the programme is over you will hopefully be able to continue this time round. So perhaps you just need to see this as getting through the next few runs and look at what you will do post graduation. That will be the new and more exciting bit for you. Looking into different running plans, parkrun or a running club might help? ☺


Some good ideas above. I have no idea why you might not be getting the buzz, but perhaps you could start posting on the forum before and after your runs? It might help you getting the positive feedback and allowing us to all get excited with you :)


I can very much identify. I wonder if it really might be the lack of excitement at this new achievement because you know you've done it before, as dddd suggested. I think that's what it is for me - I know I should be able to move on at the end of each week, as I have every other time I've done this (although I don't often get to week 7 so something's going better this time!) And even when a run goes to plan and is enjoyable, the thrill wears off so much quicker. I'm hoping that as I continue the love of running will re-awaken...

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Guess you're right and the novelty of achievement has worn off. I've done c25k several times now... oops! I did a bridge to 10k once before so perhaps that can be an aim again. Not really that keen on joining a club, I prefer to sweat away without anyone watching, haha! Far too self conscious ;)

I have horses which provide a social hobby so this also has to fit in around them.

Will press on and hope it comes together :)


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